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  This is a customers buildup of a 2000 LS1 motor that was installed into a 1969 Camaro by Don Lee Auto. The motor features MMS Stage 2 heads, LS6 intake, ARP studs, LS6 ported oil pump, electric water pump, ASP pulley, S&P headers, Katech solid belt tensioner.  

The motor as


A shot from

the side

The automatic



The bare block

ready for the build

Pistons & rods

Installing the


  One side down

The main bearing

torqued to spec

A close up of

the main bearings


ARP head

studs installed

Studs front

the back

From the



MMS Stage 2 Head

Exhaust ports

Stage 2 Intake


Stage 2 Valves  
  Stage 2 Springs Stage 2 rockers

Powder coated

valve covers


Valve Covers

from the front

Oil pan pickup


S&P Mid-length



From the

other side

Powder coated

Oil Pan

Electric water pump,

powder coated timing


  From the side Right side up

LS6 intake



Fuel rail

installed front

Fuel rail & coils

from the back

Painted intake, billet throttle body and other shiny items  

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